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Beanie Babies for Sale!!

~*Beanie Babies For Sale!!*~

Most of them are 4th and 5th generation beanies, so I had to split them up in groups for pictures. Most of them, specially the older ones, where played with a lot when I was a child. So not all of them are in the greatest condition, tag wise. The animals themselves look fine, but some tags are bent. But I have FAR too many of them, and would like to see them go to loving homes! :p Some of you will appreciate them more.

Now if you are interested in any of them and want better photos, I will be happy to provide them for you. And I don't care how much money I really get for them, I was thinking of charging $3 for each. But I can reduce $1 if the tag is messed up or $2 if the tag is missing. Something like that. And I would like to do it through PayPal or I guess Postal Money order is fine, too...

Well, here they are:

~*4th and 5th Generation*~

Here are the bears. Here we have Blackie, Wallace, Fuzz, 1999 Holiday Teddy, Halo, Kicks, Hope, Osito, B.B. Bear (Birthday Bear) and Millennium.

Here are the dogs. Here we have Bruno, Pugsly, Bones, Fetch, Wrinkles (no tag), Weenie, Nanook, GiGi, Rover and Butch.

Here are the birds. Here we have Gracie, Quackers, Rocket, KuKu, Jabber, Hoot, Jake, Strut, Loosy and Scoop.

Here are the cats. Here we have Stripes, Snip, Zip, Canyon and Roary.

Here are some water-liking creatures! Here we have Inky, Lips, Smoochy and Legs.

Here are some monkeys. Here we have Cheeks, Congo, Bongo and Schweetheart.

Here are some Misc. animals. We have Mel, Ewey, Floppity, Whisper, Stinger, Squealer and Fleece.

This is Clubby the bear. He comes in this little case. Unfotunatly I opened the pack of cards and coin when I was little but everything is still there. There's even an extra deck of cards in it.

~*6th Generation *~

Bananas the monkey and Aurora the polar bear. Both are in excellent condition.

~*8th Generation*~

This is Smart the owl. He is for the Graduating class of 2001. If you know anyone who graduated then he would make a lovely... late present. Haha. I was 11 when I got him so it doesn't really matter. :p He's in great condition.

~*9th Generation*~

First one's Poofie. Then there is Rescue, a 9/11 beanie representing the NYC Fire Department. America bear (sold). Last is Beani the cat. All in wonderful condition.

~*10th Generation*~

Cottonball bunny and Chickie the chick. Both in very good condition.

And that concludes the Beanie Babies that I have up for sale right now. Minus the ones that say they are sold next to the name, obviously. :p
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