mercury42 (mercury42) wrote in ty_beanies,

Selling my Beanies

Hey guys, I've collected beanies for most of my childhood and now want to sell them. I'm pretty sure I've got a lot more than these, but haven't dug them out yet. If you want pictures, I can provide them easily but right now I'm just trying to find out if there's an interest. Unless stated otherwise, they're about $7 each for the ones in good condition, but I'm pretty flexible so if you don't like the price let me know.

Preferred Payment: Paypal
Contact: AIM: Zaphs42, YIM: Aquorganda1, MSNIM:, Email:

(Regular,$7 each- Mint Condition)
( Bent Tags- $3)
(Tagless and Otherwise messed up)

I'll add pictures as I go, so far I only have a few taken. I also have a lot of Beanie Baby clothes if anyone's interested.
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